Office Refurbishment

An office refurbishment will provide a company with many benefits. Whilst a dull and uninspiring office could lead to the stagnation of ideas and creativity, a well-designed, thoughtfully laid out and well presented office, will have just the opposite effect. The provision of an attractive workplace will help retain a happier, more contented, motivated and inspired workforce.

Employees spend a large proportion of their time at work, within the surroundings that you provide for them. To maintain morale and keep them well motivated, it therefore makes sense to ensure that their working environment is as pleasant as it can be.

What’s more, creating a good impression to visiting clients, with a smart and well laid out office, will lead to increased sales and repeat business. A high quality finish on furniture and decoration and clean, up to date premises will instil confidence in your clients and reflect on the quality of the business’ products and services. An office refurbishment can make a real difference and turn a tired workspace into a hive of positive, highly charged and profitable activity.

Improved layouts and office partitioning can also be installed during an office refurbishment,offering the perfect solution for the division of space and the creation of privacy within an open plan office situation. To enhance privacy, window blinds can be fitted in a range of styles and colours or manifestation can be applied. This is available in a number of standard designs and Future Contracts Ltd can also produce manifestation to your own design, featuring logos and corporate colours. This is a great way to reinforce your corporate message.

Glass partitioning can be supplied in both clear and frosted glass options and can be double glazed for added soundproofing. With the double-glazed units you have the option of an integrated window blind for added privacy and protection from sunlight A popular and cost effective alteration is to reduce the amount of unnecessary or wasted overhead space.

The installation of a suspended ceiling will reduce the height of a room which will in turn, save money on fuel bills. Money can be saved on both heating and lighting by reducing the cubic measurement or volume of the room.

The installation of a suspended ceiling is also a very effective way of hiding any unsightly wires, pipes or duct work, whilst its simple disassembly, allows for easy access when any maintenance work needs to be carried out.

Future Contracts Ltd offer a complete Office Refurbishment service throughout the UK.